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Cabinet Remodeling

Cabinet Remodeling Lets You Get More out of Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Many kitchens and bathrooms are outfitted with what could be called "standard" cabinets. In the kitchen, you can expect a row of lower cabinets, which will have a countertop above them that provides a working surface. It's common for kitchens to have a row of upper cabinets that provide plenty of additional storage space. However, for people who aren't tall, half of the upper cabinet space is generally unreachable without a stepstool.

In the bathroom, vanity countertops usually sit atop cabinets that look much like the kitchen ones. However, two of these are typically filled with the pipes that lead to the sink, making it so that there is much less storage space than their appearance implies. Vanity countertops themselves may have much of their space taken up by the sink, though this depends on how long the vanity is.

The problem with these arrangements is that they often aren't nearly as useful as they could be. Therefore, professional organizers often recommend cabinet remodeling as a good solution to problems with storage space.

Cabinet remodeling normally includes aesthetic improvements like modernized doors, but the real improvement is that the organization is behind those panels. Cabinets can be custom-outfitted to have slide-out baskets instead of shelves, be sized to fit unusually-shaped kitchen appliances, contain multiple hanging rods, and more. This makes it so that they are much more useful as well as more beautiful.

With cabinet remodeling, you can also have your cabinet location adjusted so everything is within easy reach, extend your vanity countertops so you can actually put all of your commonly-used items on them, and more. Finally, you can add more cabinets to the bathroom – ones that won't be full of pipes.

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