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Framed Cabinets 

Framed kitchen cabinets are always in the top three request colors year after year for kitchen cabinetry. White is timeless, airy, bright, and can give any size kitchen a fresh, clean look. Framed cabinets are incredibly versatile and complement various designs and style choices of hardware, countertops, backsplash, and flooring.

Framed cabinets can be used in any style of kitchen. If you like the modern look, pair white shaker cabinets with a glossy countertop and a dark contrasting flooring or different tones of silver and gray. Framed cabinets lend well to transitional style kitchens by mixing the shaker cabinets’ clean lines with wood and metal accents. You can also go traditional with the white kitchen cabinets with butcher-block countertop island and complimentary wood flooring.

These white shaker kitchen cabinets come in a bright white, or creamy antique white—both shades complementing many colors, whether warm or cool accents are used in the kitchen.