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Granite Slab Countertops

Should You Choose Granite Slab Countertops?

Granite slab countertops have retained their popularity for at least two decades now, and the trend is showing no signs of fading. This is because they are not only beautiful but because each slab is different. That makes it possible to have a unique look to your kitchen while still using granite.

This, however, isn't the only thing you should consider when choosing kitchen countertops. Granite has properties that make it better in some homes than in others.

While granite itself may be nearly invincible from a standpoint of raw strength, its finish is another matter altogether. Typically, the hard, shiny finish applied to granite slab countertops is not heatproof, so it's important to keep hot pans and other such items off of it. It also isn't scratch-proof, so you'll need to use a cutting board or similar item whenever you chop or cut something. Finally, if something is spilled on it – especially if the liquid is acidic – the finish can be penetrated. Once the finish is penetrated, the liquid will soak into the pores of the granite, staining it.

This fragility is no problem in a kitchen that isn't used heavily or when all the actual food preparation happens on a kitchen island. However, in a busy kitchen or one where children are present, the kitchen countertops need to be able to stand up to the wear and tear such an environment creates. Then, it is usually better to go with something like engineered stone, which is made of real quartz (or other stone) combined with plastic resin.

Choosing the right type of stone for your kitchen countertops will ensure they look beautiful for years to come. Stop by Mena Stone Surfaces to see the options.

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