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New Kitchen Cabinets

Is it Time for New Kitchen Cabinets?

If you look over your kitchen cabinets and think "ugh," it's definitely time to change them. However, this doesn't always mean that you need new kitchen cabinets. Those who pursue local cabinet remodeling often end up with what appears to be new cabinets despite not having to get them completely replaced.

Many changes can be made by someone who does cabinet remodeling. Often, the doors and door hardware get replaced, and the visible parts of the cabinet bodies are refinished. This is all it takes to create a brand-new look without having to invest in fully-new cabinets, so it is a popular choice.

Cabinet remodeling can also involve changing the insides of existing cabinets. Adding a variety of improved organizational systems, more shelves, or other specialized upgrades makes old cabinets far more functional. These improvements typically can be made by the same person who updates the exteriors of the cabinets.

In some cases, it is not only worth it to go for completely new kitchen cabinets, but a necessity. One such situation occurs when the bottoms of the old cabinets have rotted. Rot happens when the bottoms get wet, so it is most commonly found in the cabinet directly under the sink. Leaky plumbing allows water to land in the cabinet, and nature takes care of the rest.

Another situation that calls for new kitchen cabinets is when the originals were made of vastly inferior materials. This is commonly found in homes that were made very inexpensively, and are now being renovated to a much better standard. Then, it just makes sense to replace the old cabinets with ones that befit the new quality level.

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